A Good Brushing Dandruff

A Good Brushing Dandruff

 The natural scalp flaking that continuously released flat dead cells, the likely action of certain saprophytic microbes and in some cases the strong tendency to flaking, are the root causes of dandruff that occurs in both hair abnormal proportions acids as in the dry hair.

Depending on which of the two cases in question, can have fat horny scales (whose identity is discovered with a cigarette paper, which leave a trace of fat) and dry (that leave no trace in the cigarette paper) .

Treatments advisable in case of excessive dandruff are primarily a good brushing of the hair, always in the most rational, pig bristle brushes, boar or soft nylon that can be washed after using several times, to have them always perfectly clean.

Taking the hair forward, head down, you have to brush it strand by strand, forming successive grooves in the head. It must be well aerated hair, so that the brushing is equally distributed tallow entire length.

It is important to eliminate dandruff hair not only for reasons of hygiene, but because its excessive and prolonged presence can easily predispose to balding scalp.

We suggest several dandruff lotions, some based on selenium, tar, resorcinol, but the best, according to all the experts, are aromatic essences and plant extracts.