Parents are often confused, when in fact the first milk teeth begin to grow. Most people think that newborn babies have no teeth. Though at the time of birth, milk crown, amounting to 20 was nearly finished form, and hidden behind the baby’s gums and bone. Baby teeth do notRead More →

What is Tooth Whitening? It is a cosmetic procedure in great demand today which involves applying a special substance that releases oxygen free radicals which when in contact with the enamel achieved clarify various shades depending on the degree of gel concentration and duration of this. Tooth whitening is oftenRead More →

Dentists and dental specialists from the Institute visited the nursery Province Ministry of Health to promote dental health of children from three to four years. Practitioners reinforcing worked brushing technique, for which macro models used and special toothbrushes. Also projected educational videos on various aspects of oral health, gave brochuresRead More →

A great controversy extends between the consumption of so-called sugar-free foods and their safety for dental health, as are many questions about the effects of these fashion products and the most common question is, are they healthy or not? A survey in the 90′s found that the average daily consumptionRead More →

Today we want to share an old post of Marcelino Madrigal’s blog on a subject that plagues many children, bullying through the network. It is not a new topic, there have always been cases of bullying, but through technology occurs in a somewhat different and parents, as we always haveRead More →

 The natural scalp flaking that continuously released flat dead cells, the likely action of certain saprophytic microbes and in some cases the strong tendency to flaking, are the root causes of dandruff that occurs in both hair abnormal proportions acids as in the dry hair. Depending on which of theRead More →