Baby Teething and Helping Your Little One Cope with the Pain

Baby Teething and Helping Your Little One Cope with the Pain

Baby Teething and Helping Your Little One Cope with the Pain

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Taking care of a baby is a huge responsibility. During baby teething your baby may need more attention from you because this process is not that pleasant in the first place.  If you want the best for your baby, it is best that you know the first signs of teething so that you can help her from the very beginning.

In general babies will begin teething as early as when they are five months old.  To know whether your baby has started teething, look at her gums.  If there is redness on most parts of the gums, it is likely that your baby has started teething.  Your baby might also cry a lot and you couldn’t find the reason, but don’t worry because this might also mean that your baby has started teething.  At times, you will notice that your baby will pick up anything that she finds and she will simply put it into her mouth.  This is due to the fact that her gums are itchy and perhaps painful.  You can provide your baby with chewing toys because these can really help ease the pain.

There are many ways you can use to ease the pain during teething.  The use of medication like Calpol has been proven effective in providing quick relief from pain.  You can also use the gel form and you need to apply it to your baby’s gums – the pain can subside rather quickly and makes your baby feel more comfortable.

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