Bullying on the net: tips for parents

Bullying on the net: tips for parents

Today we want to share an old post of Marcelino Madrigal’s blog on a subject that plagues many children, bullying through the network. It is not a new topic, there have always been cases of bullying, but through technology occurs in a somewhat different and parents, as we always have to keep up to address. In this post, @ mmadrigal gives parents some tips on what to do if you suspect that our children are harassed on the net. I recommend reading the entire input as it provides resources where to go, but we draw the tips:


1) Talk and talk with them. Should see to their online activities. Ask them if they have problems in their navigation. That is the most powerful tool that any filter, spying their email, or watch from the work your child’s profile on a social network. Tell them their experiences in this regard. At some point we were all fat, skinny, bespectacled, long, etc..

2) Explain to your children the importance of post pictures, comments, texts, so they know all that can be used by people against him. Tell them all that just must share it with people close and known where they have the utmost confidence.

3) If he respects, but it is respected in the network and is therefore a case of harassment, in a chat on messenger, in your social network, teach them that it is much more practical to block, not add, delete, who would attempts to harm, without further event, to confront him on his terms. The network also has that advantage. Ignoring is much simpler. Of course try, if possible, identify their attackers.

4) If your child agrees, or you have proof that you are suffering guárdenlas, will be useful at the time of reporting the situation if things believe it is serious.

5) Teach them to respect others. Someone who does not respect, insults or harassment practiced these are an ideal candidate to suffer them.

6) About anything show them to their parents, friends and others really are to help them, and they can do it in a way that in any case they will bring more problems than today. Do not mobbed or overwhelm them. The theme is to help, not supervise them and especially do not make them guilty of a situation in which they are victims, not executioners.