Dental Health For The Kids

Dental Health For The Kids

Dentists and dental specialists from the Institute visited the nursery Province Ministry of Health to promote dental health of children from three to four years.

Practitioners reinforcing worked brushing technique, for which macro models used and special toothbrushes. Also projected educational videos on various aspects of oral health, gave brochures with tips for care of the teeth and shared toothbrushes and balloons for all small nursery.

“When transmitting to children the importance of dental care for their health, they become small promoters, commenting and sharing healthy habits among his family. Once incorporated, good habits are maintained throughout life. As adults, they will continue to care for your mouth and your future children. The oral health habits are usually caused by lack of information, “said Carolina Island, Provincial Director of the Institute.

From the perspective of the provincial health portfolio, the actions of prevention and health promotion are essential. Hence the dental health education is treated as one of the most important pillars of the overall health of each Cordoba.

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According to the Dental Institute of the Province, it is important to keep in mind:

– Brushing the smaller should always be done by the parents until the child demonstrates sufficient skill to do it alone.

– Children can help with your brushing after parents have completed. The important point is to generate the habit.

– The use of electric toothbrushes is indicated, preferably in people with impaired manual dexterity. The electric toothbrush does not improve outcomes of brushing done manually.

– Take the kids regularly visit your dentist, that’s the best way to prevent.