Dental Implants Abroad: Are They Worth Getting?

Dental Implants Abroad: Are They Worth Getting?

Are Dental Implants Abroad Cheaper?

There’s been a surge of British people seeking dental implant treatments. After a survey found that 57% of British people are unhappy with their teeth, potential patients are looking for a cost-effective solution.

“The initial cost of a Dental Implant treatment abroad can be hundreds of pounds less; however, when other factors are taken into account, the savings aren’t substantial.”

When seeking treatment abroad, there are other costs that have to be considered. This can include:

  • Flight Costs
  • Time Off Work
  • Car Parking / Taxi Hire
  • Accommodation
  • Food and Drink Prices

These costs can eventually add up and could make the cost difference minimal. Visiting a UK dentist can provide you with the care and treatment you actually need.

What are the success rates abroad?

Unlike dental practices outside of the UK, every UK based dentist has to be GDC registered to carry out this type of treatment. The GDC (General Dentist Council) is a UK based regulation that ensures procedures are carried out correctly and appropriately.

“The GDC has no jurisdiction outside of the UK, meaning that patients that go abroad are unprotected by a legal body of the dentist industry.”

Although dental implants are usually successful, complications can arise and a visit to the dentist will be needed.

“Foreign Dental Clinics have a 17% complication rate after initial treatment whilst the UK has a success rate of around 98%”

It’s very rare that a UK dentist will rectify or offer further treatment if your dental implant was fitted abroad. This means you’ll have to book another trip and take further time off work.

We strongly recommend seeking dental implant treatment in the UK. Costs vary and dentists will design plans based on your budget and needs.

Good oral health is vital in ensuring your dental implants and natural teeth are protected from any dangers. Learn more about dental implants.