Prevents Tooth Decay by Preventing Abuse of Sugars

Prevents Tooth Decay by Preventing Abuse of Sugars

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems among children, and not so young. But today we focus on the smallest of the house. We must begin to avoid their appearance since the eruption of the first teeth, teaching children to brush well and rinse with fluoride at least once a week. The easiest way to avoid the appearance of cavities is to bring your children to the dentist for regular checkups to avoid a diet with high amounts of sugar, in addition to teaching your children when they are aware of the importance of brushing teeth successfully several times a day.

Let us pause a moment on the sugars and sweets. Not that there have to eradicate this type of food in our children, but we have to encourage them to eat fiber rich foods like fruit before a rule eat sweets every day.

Sweet yes, but in perspective

We know that children are more palatable food candy, ‘sweets’, bakery products, … Precisely the foods most likely to bring the cavities in both baby teeth and in the final.

Therefore, the best thing to prevent cavities is to avoid prolonged exposure to sugars. Eating candy or gum occasionally be tolerated but …No more than 20 minutes straight! And above all, your child aware that you brush your teeth after consuming these foods as well do the same after breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.