Sugar-free Foods and Dental Health

Sugar-free Foods and Dental Health

A great controversy extends between the consumption of so-called sugar-free foods and their safety for dental health, as are many questions about the effects of these fashion products and the most common question is, are they healthy or not?

A survey in the 90′s found that the average daily consumption of sugar per person in an urban environment was 20 teaspoons, this represents almost half a cup, but it seems now that consumption decreased by less half for those who consume “sugar”, many with the intention of protecting your teeth timely, but what most do not know is that, not all foods “sugar”, are really no sugar.


Here comes the big question;

Are sugar-free foods and drinks safe for the health of our teeth? The answer for many is unfortunately “no, they’re not.”

The term applied by the industry in the phrase “Sugar” sometimes means that no sugar is added during processing, however food may contain natural sweeteners, for example, honey, molasses, evaporated cane sugar, fructose syrup barley malt or rice, etc. Natural sweeteners have the same number of calories per serving than refined sugar and all of them are harmful to teeth.


How can we find these hidden sugars?

We must learn to take the time and read the labels carefully, as the sugars found naturally in foods have different names, but they all end in the letters “ose”. So if the label reads an ingredient having such termination, the product contains sugar. We must also know that between sugars, including natural, may be mentioned as “carbohydrates” on the label.


Healthy Tips, read labels carefully to calculate the amount of sugar in their food.